Kinky Science Theater 3000

Kinky Science Theater 3000 (KST3K) was performed at The Geeky Kink Event on November 2, 2012.


Alex Wade was kidnapped by aliens who are studying humans. They mostly do this by forcing him to watch bad movies (a la Mystery Science Theater 3000). He is being held in a habitat deep underwater (to prevent escape) under the Bermuda Triangle. The aliens themselves are not in the habitat but control their experiments on Alex from their spaceship in orbit above the Earth. They left several robots in the habitat to maintain it and Alex has somehow reprogrammed these to be companions.

The aliens are called "Commander Zaxor" and "Second Commander Kyfen", and are intended to have something like a Forester/Frank vibe or even better a Zapp/Kif vibe. The dominant robot is called "FiveStarFive" (or just "Five" for short) and the submissive robot is called "Jimmy".

FiveStarFive is constructed entirely out of beach toys (rakes, shovels, castle molds). His eyebrows are controlled via bicycle brake cable, and his mouth is controlled via fishing line. Jimmy is primarily constructed out of two trash bins, wooden dowels, flexible ventilation ducts, and a CD. A wooden rod controls his eyes and a fishing line controls his mouth.

"Screen test" for FiveStarFive:


At GKE2, we screened a shortened form of "Cinderella 2000", an Al Adamson sci-fi soft-core film from 1977. You can watch the entire uncut film on YouTube at The YouTube version is 76 minutes, the DVD version is 89 minutes. We cut our version down to a tolerable 33 minutes (using the DVD as the source), but you can see many of the missing scenes in the YouTube version.

I haven't watched the YouTube version... my assumption is that the more explicit scenes are missing, which is why it is 76 minutes instead of 89.

Also, as mentioned at the end of the show, the theme is available on SoundCloud at, composed by the awesome Morte McAdaver.

Here is our "opening credits" sequence:

Our cast:
MrStriker as Alex Wade
MrFluttershy as FiveStarFive
Jesse G as Jimmy
Capt. Bart as Commander Zaxor
Morte McAdaver as Second Commander Kyfen

Our crew:
Music and Vocals by Morte McAdaver
Lyrics by MrStriker
Written by MrStriker, GamerFizz, Morte McAdaver, and Jesse G

We really hope you enjoyed our attempts to make the pain of the film bearable!

Click here for a PDF of the skit script.

Click here for a PDF of the riffing script.

We watch the film MANY times beforehand to prep jokes, just like the original MST3K crew (they watched films seven times). That being said, much of the film riffing you saw was actually improvised, although we used the script as a basis.

Jeff Mach, organizer of the Geeky Kink Event, posing with the bots:

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